It’s 2:15 and I have to be up by 6:30 to at work on time. But here I am! I find myself so tired throughout the day and when it comes time for me to fall asleep, I’m wide awake. I started a blog because truthfully I wanted to get to see what it was all about and mainly to share my pictures. I thought the best way to being was with a photo challenge and I think added photos here and there that don’t have to do with the challenge give my blog a little more pizazz. I’m not even sure I’m doing this whole blogging thing right but I’m still going to go on with it. Some of the people I recently followed have amazing blogs and wayyy more followers than I could ever dream of but hey, one day maybe I could do the same.

*  Stay tuned for more pointless pics, nonsense paragraphs & maybe even some laughs 🙂

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