late night thoughts..

As I sit here at 2:30 in the morning with 9% on my laptop and super hungry I can’t stop thinking about the little things.

p.s if there are spelling errors/grammar mistakes, forgive me. Ya girl needs sleep and it isn’t coming anytime soon~
xo- MP

  • I took a year off from college and I completely regret it, I could’ve been done already but I fucked myself over. Here I am, still going. I learned from my mistakes and really trying my best.
  • I have approximately 3 friends. I say it is my own fault but then again, it is simply due to the fact that some people are just hard to trust. I am very open and bubbly so I have no problem talking to anyone or anything; like my father says “She could talk to a rock.” For me, I have my real friends but I wish I could just find some more, just like me.
  • I don’t like to go out, never did. I was never big on going to all the parties or whenever they were drinking because then my motherly instinct would automatically turn on and I’d take care of everyone. I kinda always hated that about myself because if I didn’t care for them then, than what would’ve happened to them after they left me? I’d feel like it would be my fault.
  • I’m happy but I want to do more. There is a whole world of adventure out there, why do I continuously sit home free willingly? I couldn’t even tell you. I want to go dancing, bowling, fishing, to the beach! But because I’m an idiot whom NOW has a fricken baby pup I feel like I can’t do any of that.
  • Random: I wish I knew how to do my makeup. Not because I don’t like my face but for the days I have all that makeup sitting around and I want to ‘beat my face to the gods’ I want to know HOW. I don’t want to be an Instagram/youtube MUA star, just want to for fun. Or even for the days I’m feeling ugly before mother nature comes along… idk i’m rambling on and on.. (sorry)
  • Today, July 5th at 8:25 am (which is literally a couple hour from me writing this post… its 2:47…. please send help) I start the extended school year program at my yearly job with children with autism and I’m super excited to see all my students again but I am going to be SUPER cranky after work and I know it already. I’m going to need a nap, badly.
  • another random: Sometimes I think I’m like funny enough to start a youtube channel and like make videos but at the same time I sit here and think there’s no way. There is absolutely no way anyone in their right mind would watch me, like what do I have to talk about.. Nor do I believe I would have time to edit anything because I never have time!!! (I am also kinda lazy when I get the chance to be)
  • Last but not least, wish I had a million dollars….. but honestly, who doesn’t??

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