back to school time-

  • First off, the picture really has nothing to do with my post besides the fact that I bought this computer because I had been using my sisters macbook and since she started college in the summer I needed to get my own. And my new planner, why? Because it is super cute and I wanted to share it!

Growing up, I hated going back to school but now, 22 years old I can’t wait.
Well, let’s get personal—

I don’t know if I had ever mentioned it before but I took some time off after the middle of sophomore year in college. Why you may ask? I just was not interested, I had no motivation. Back in 2015 I started working at a teachers assistant in the autistic program. For anyone who knows me I’ve always loved working with children who have special needs. I’ve been helping out with them since forever… well as long as I can remember and from what my grandma says, I was about 5. -ok getting back to the point- I decided I was going to go back to school Spring semester of 2016 and I did. I was really proud of myself and still am, working hard to get my degree in Psychology so that I can later become a school psychologist.

However, as an assistant, if you have enough credits they can use you as a sub if a teacher is out. And that is what I did today, got my transcripts and dropped them off so that come September if I’m needed, they can use me! I don’t know, this was a little exciting for me and I wanted to share with you!
– MP

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