Will I ever post consistently? Honestly, I never know. I truly don’t have an exciting life nor do I blog about things people have blogs for… My blog is truly all over the place and that’s okay because so am I.

I do have a thyroid problem so I am constantly exhausted. I also get migraines pretty frequently. I had got my daith pierced back in June. Which is suppose to help with migraine pain and it worked well until one day it became extremely uncomfortable and I had to take it out. And well now their back- So with migraines, for me anyway, I can’t even been in a room with the lights on. My eyes throb, I don’t even want to eat or drink. I use frozen waters as ice packs because it just feels so good on my head, forehead, and neck. It truly one of the most annoying things to happen to me and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. But for the people who don’t get migraines think “it’s just a headache, you’ll get over it..” trust me, its not just a headache. It is much, much worse.


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