We all go through rough times so I feel sometimes instead of complaining to all my family members, I can just let it out here.. That’s what blogs are for… right?

I am pretty miserable. I just feel sad, want to constantly lay in bed. No motivation to do anything. I just ate a handful of candy I had left over from Halloween. I’m always uncomfortable and sweating. I cried 3 times today and truthfully I’m not even sure why I did the first 2 times.

-My dog will be 6 months this month and he just recently chewed through his harness. Yesterday, while sitting out front, he chewed through his leash.
– I live in the apartment downstairs from my parents and the tile in the kitchen isn’t the real type of tile. It is fake but looks real.. Until my dog noticed it was coming up… I was talking to my dad for 10 MINUTES and he tore one up.
– I have a shit ton of homework, some of it, I’m not even 100% sure what to do.
– I gained a shit ton of weight because I am beyond stressed.

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