*warning* this blog post involves cursing.

Hi, my name is Michele. I am a 22 year old college student. I have 7 month old puppy. I also work at a school with children who have autism and my weekends at a pizzeria. Neither of those jobs pay great.. but you gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?! And today; I’m going to rant about my life—- enjoy!
*Also- sorry if anything doesn’t make sense or its all out of wack. its because i’m angrily typing and i’m exhausted*

College: It is hard as fuck. It really is something you stress out over so much. Make yourself so sick over it sometimes that you forget to eat, or not sleep. Even sometimes, you stress eat. This semester has stressed me out so much, I must’ve gained 15 pounds in the last month and a half. I’m not happy about it obviously. I truly just cannot wait for this semester to end. The last 2 weeks my sleep schedule has been so messed up that once winter break comes around I’m going to need to sleep for a full 48 hours.

Work: Don’t even get me started. I work as an assistant. A teachers assistant. I make shit money for the shit I do. And to find out that some of my coworkers actually live off of that pay amazes me even more. I am so thankful that I still live with my parents because truthfully, if I didn’t I’d be out on the streets.

Life: its also fucking hard. No one is ever pleased with ANY decision you make for yourself. I dyed my hair brown, everyone has something to say. Sorry, not sorry. Get over it, its not your head, I’ll do what I want. I applied for two different jobs and got questioned on why I’d do that. I got offered a job today because my friend referred me. And I was questioned “why would you waste your time making 30-40 dollars. You’re just taking more time out of your life and missing time do to your homework.” SHUT UP. I was offered, like damn, the least you can do is say congrats.

— well now that I got that off my chest, i am going to go finish my homework now…
xo, mp


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