Not only do I wait until the last minute to do things… I’ve hit a new record because classed end Thursday 12/14 and I’ve got 5 papers I need to write… And what am I doing now? Blogging about it. I stay up until odd hours of the night writing endless papers, have to wake up at 6:30, more recently, I’ve been staying in bed until at least 7:30. I am so exhausted by 1:30pm. I don’t even think coffee works anymore.

Update; because I forgot to even post this. Today, December the 12th, I took off of work to go to the schools library to do some work. And yet, here I am at 11:39 at night, procrastinating some more when I have more work to do by Wednesday night. I just want to sleep for a decent amount of hours and stop being a cranky bitch.

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