January faves-

Hair: Ever since I dyed my hair brown, I started to reuse the sleek and shine shampoo and conditioner from Garnier. I very much enjoyed the whole blends coconut and cocoa butter shampoo and conditioner but since they like stopped selling the big bottles around town, I wasn’t spending $8 for a small bottle of it!
I still use the whole blends smoothing oil and recently started using the leave in conditioner (which, they both smell amazing)

LRG_DSC01959-1.JPEG     (blurry, sorry!)


Face: I ALWAYS use the Garnier daily scrub peppermint and jojoba beads but apparently my town is over that as well.. I just bought these two face washes and they seem to be pretty okay, haven’t broken out yet… so fingers crosses that I start to really like these.
Skin active hydrating moisturizer has SAVED my face this last month. Not only being so fair skinned colored to you see my redness but my dry patches are more noticeable because they get red too. With this moisturizer, my skin has never felt softer!


Lips: I’ve been using homemade lip scrub just because it is sooo easy to make at home! and taste great. All you need is honey, sugar and coconut oil!
Besides that, EOS Organic lip balm, organic is important! I like it better than the regular one. But it has been saving my lips! I’ve also tried to medicated one but was not too pleased with the smell of it, but very pretty packaging!

IMG_3556.jpeg LRG_DSC01968.JPEG

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