Well, here I am… again

Let’s catch up, although I’m pretty sure no one even noticed I was gone.. 

sooo, since my last post in March I guess not too much has happened. My baby brother turned 17 and got a drivers license. I turned 23 on April 24th. I dyed my hair blonde, so I feel myself again. I made a new friend! Otto, my German Shepard, turned ONE! My grandmother found out she had lung cancer and my pop has Parkinson’s Disease so the day of her first treatment, he took a pretty bad fall. She was no longer interested in taking care of herself, she was worried about him. My dad made her go, and pop was sent to the hospital where he later moved to a rehab center. My grandmother finished her treatments which were almost 2 hours away and we all took turns taking her and watching my pop when he finally came home! It did become stressful at times but all is well! Unfortunately, on June 20th, there was a fire in the building next to the pizzeria I worked in and took out both buildings and more.

& as of right now, I’m going to try to be active on this again.. but we’ll see.

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