relatable… maybe?

  • Sooo… like by now I had dreams of becoming like a cool hip blogger or maybe even like a relatable youtuber. But I can still dream, right?? So since I apparently paid WordPress one hundred buckaroonies to keep my dream going so here goes nothing.
  • To all my 33 followers, thank you. Thanks for being here and following me and my strange life. 
  • I recently (not too long ago at 12:30AM, it is now 2:45) threw my phone at the wall. I don’t know about you, but for me when you push me to my breaking point. I broke my phone. and within my short time of not having a cell phone, I feel less stressed. But sad because if it unfixable i just lost sooo many good pictures from my vacation and i will be sad but memories are what count the most.


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