a gross story time…

Actually, it was okay… until the end of the day.

Got my nails done a beautiful color and I was loving them. Went to dinner and saw this thing on twitter “retweet or else you’ll have bad luck” so I ignored it. The picture was of a hand and the girls nail came off, with her fake nail on top…

So my brother and I get to the mall and we pick out a bag for my mom. I leaned over to look at a wallet for myself and I hit my right ring finger on the rack… well I was all of a sudden in intense pain… I was like oh god, I just got them, pls don’t break…. then I’m bleeding.. I felt like I was about to pass out… I look down… it happened to me… the picture happened to me.. God, Jesus, Santa, the Devil… they all punished me for looking at a wallet for myself during the giving season…
HONESTLY; should’ve bought myself the wallet after the extreme pain I was in.. (might go back tomorrow…) but not going to even get into what it looks like now because its horrible.

hope y’all are having a great hump day!!

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