Let me fill you in…

2019- a rough year.

Honestly, I can’t even remember half the year. The school year is almost over for the kids and its been one hell of a school year. BUT let’s move past that because there are 14 days left and I cannot wait!

I’ve gained a lot of weight… why? because I’ve been in full stress since January. It got worse April/May when my final research paper was due & the planning of my dad’s surprise 50th birthday party.

I turned 24 on the 24th of April.

Ever feel like things just don’t go well for you but are great for every single person around you? Yeah, that’s me right now. Every person around me is doing great, getting all these great jobs and life is just good. and then there is me…..
I work three jobs, barely have any time off and think is it reallllly worth it to be running around like the mad woman I am?? probably just killing myself but I just can’t stop myself.


sorry for complaining but thank u for coming.

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